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Las Vegas Capoeira Academy Batizado 2022

The Las Vegas
Capoeira Academy 


After class photo at the Las Vegas Capoeira Academy.

The Las Vegas Capoeira Academy is the preeminent Capoeira school in Las Vegas. Classes are available for all ages and levels, with detailed instruction led by Professor Viajante ("Traveler"), who started LVCA in 2017. Viajante has been teaching Capoeira in Las Vegas since 2014 as the leader of the Las Vegas chapter of Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira. GLDC is founded by Mestre Cigano, Viajante's Capoeira Master, who he started Capoeira with in 2004. Under Mestre Cigano's direction Viajante has taught many students and graduated 3 groups of students to their first cordel ("cord") and beyond. Viajante has a great passion for practicing and teaching Capoeira, and it is his pleasure to lead the group and develop his students, while making the Las Vegas Capoeira Academy a great place for all to come, train, and learn this amazing art.

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Member Testimonials

"Our kids have learned so much training with LVCA and Capoeira has become a big part of our family culture.   I am happy with the amount of enrichment our children are immersed in; getting to strengthen and challenge their physical limits, learn martial arts, rhythm, music and culture.  My son’s coordination has improved so much and we have gained a fun and good energy community of people.  You can tell Professor Viajante loves what he does.  He has been such a great influence for our kids, he prioritizes health and talks to the class about it often.  He creates a disciplined environment while keeping it fun for everyone.  We are grateful for finding LVCA!"

Shannon Parry

Las Vegas Capoeira Academy Parent 

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meet the staff


Mestre 6_26.jpeg

Mestre Cigano

Master and Founder

Bahia, Brasil

Macaco 1.jpeg


Contra Mestre Macaco

Amazonas 2023.jpeg

Contra Mestra Amazonas

New Jersey


Professor Viajante

Las Vegas, NV


702.825.7723  |

445 East Windmill Parkway, Suite 2J, Las Vegas, NV 89117


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