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The Las Vegas Capoeira Academy Presents:

Batizado & Troca De Cordel Vol 4.

Hosted & Organized by: Professor Viajante 

Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira  

Supervised by: Mestre Cigano

2024 Batizado Image 2.png

About The Batizado

The Batizado & Troca De Cordel represents the progression and accomplishments of the Capoeira practicioner. The Batizado is the initiation of each Capoeirista, where they receive their first “cord” or cordel. Each subsequent level up the ladder is the “troca de cordel” or change of the cord. During this week of Capoeira, we bring many guests from all over the country, and from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to learn from amazing teachers with vast amounts of experience. We culminate the week with the Batizado & Troca de Cordel Celebration and Ceremony, during which each graduate plays one of the visiting teachers for their cordel.

Sponsorships -
Help Support Our Event

Professor Viajante, and Grupo Liberdade De Capoeira - Las Vegas, invite you to support our 4th Batizado & Troca de Cordel Ceremony. Your contribution helps cover the cost of our event, as well as to compensate our visiting guest teachers. Your contribution makes a real impact in the lives of our students and in the Las Vegas community.

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